Angry Birds Seasons v2.3.0 MacOSX Cracked-CORE

Release name: Angry.Birds.Seasons.v2.3.0.MacOSX.Cracked-CORE
Size: 60MB
Release Date: 14.04.2012
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:

Fireworks popping, lanterns glowing, red envelopes bursting with money – it’s Chinese New Year! This holiday is China’s biggest and longest festival, a time for feasting with family and friends, setting off fireworks, and having fun. The Angry Birds are celebrating the start of the Year of the Dragon, but the piggies are trying to scare them away from their eggs!


The Angry Birds are celebrating Chinese New Year by chasing after the pigs! Gong xi fa cai!
Celebrate with a vibrant red Chinese New Year theme!
15 challenging levels explode with fireworks and lanterns!

                                            Download Here 
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Naruto Shippuden MUGEN Edition 2012 V2

Ngomong ngomong ini adalah mugen naruto terbaik dengan begitu banyak karakter dan jurus jurus di setiap karakternya. dengan 122 pemain dan 56 stage. rugi kalo ga download..

– Mugen Version: 1.0
– Resolution: 640×480 – HI-Res MUGEN
– No of Characters: 122
– No of Stages: 56

This is what’s been updated:

– Changed Intros, Main Menu and Options Screen
– Added lifebars fonts
– Balanced characters
– Replaced Gaara and Neji (from Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 MUGEN)
– Replaced 1 Tailed Naruto with 3 Tailed Naruto
– Replaced Tobi Rinnegan, Kakashi and Yagura
– Added some characters like Kinkaku and Ginkaku, C/Shii, Chojuro, Kurotsuchi, 2Nd Tsuchikage
– Added Darui and Mifune once again (thanks to Lie/Keent)
… and some other small things


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